Maharasthra records 26,616 fresh infections, while covid cases continue to drop


On Monday, Maharashtra recorded 26,616 new daily infections, bringing the total number of Covid infections to 5,405,068. After 48,211 recoveries in the last 24 hours, active cases have dropped to 445,495 cases.

There were additional 516 deaths in the state, bringing the total to 82,486. On Monday, Kolhapur had the greatest death toll, with 101 people killed (83 in the district and 18 in the city), followed by Solapur with 56. (49 in the district and seven in the city).

After a three-month spike, daily incidences in Maharashtra have begun to decline. However, it was only possible when the state was placed on complete lockdown on April 22. Officials say the state is now hoping for a 50% decrease in daily cases by the end of this month.

Maharashtra has reported fewer than 40,000 instances for the past four days in a row. It reported 39,923, 34,848, and 34,389 instances on May 14, 15, and 16, respectively. The state experienced the biggest daily spike of 68,631 cases on April 18, which is also considered the apex of the second wave. More than 60,000 instances were reported every day till May 1.

The state’s daily optimism rate is likewise decreasing, with 15.91 percent, 14.68 percent, and 12.99 percent on May 14, 15, and 16, respectively.

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