Netflix to launch N-Plus subscription for BTS of the best shows


Streaming platform Netflix is getting ready to provide its subscribers with more content to binge-watch in the form of exclusive content from our most favorite shows. They are soon to announce the launch of an N-Plus subscription that will provide the users behind-the-scenes content, podcasts, trivia, and many more. Before the launch of the N-Plus subscription, Netflix has also been trying to take a survey from its users regarding the same.

According to reports, the content on N-plus will be quite what Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature shows. The X-ray feature offers users to get additional information about the actors in the show or the movie, which they are currently watching or willing to watch, which would now be opted by Netflix as well.

The Next Web interview hints at a survey that is making the rounds for Netflix users. TWB’s Abhimanyu Ghoshal is one of those eminent customers who are receiving the survey mails, deciding the existence of N-Plus. The survey reveals that the N-plus service will be an opportunity for people to know more about the Netflix shows. There are chances this might even include movies, both Netflix Originals and others.

One can find the N-plus subscription as they look for any information about an actor or a show. Netflix links can also fetch them. It will be required to pay for some parts of the experience, but otherwise one can also view them on browsers.

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