Rachana Rhythm: Mother a synonym for the truest form of love

Rachana Rhythm

This Mother’s Day, do not forget to convey how you feel about your mother. Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, is an occasion that celebrates and salutes motherhood. There are many ways to make your mother feel special. From making handmade gifts, cards to giving her something according to her taste or to penning down a note. But nothing can warm her heart more than a few kind words. This Mother’s Day, do not forget to convey how you feel about your mother. Just like how writers Rachana Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar conveyed.

‘The purest and truest form of love is what a ‘Mother’ stands for.
It’s selfless and unconditional.
Motherhood is that transformation that uplifts a woman towards divinity.
A mother is the most powerful essence of our world and she should be celebrated, loved, and cared for each day!
We humbly bow down to this incredible force that is the true ‘Shakti’ behind mankind.

To all the mothers…
An ode to motherhood..’
The two share pictures with their supermoms Rachana Shah with Meena Mangeshkar Khadikar and Rhythm Wagholikar with Anuradha Wagholikar.
No one can argue with the fact that moms are real-life superheroes. Although one can never repay a mother for all that they do, you can make her feel special on Mother’s day. There are several ways to pamper your mom on Mother’s Day.

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