Dhruv Tahil, son of actor Dalip Tahil nabbed in Drugs Case


Dhruv Tahil, son of Bollywood actor Dalip Tahil, was arrested on Wednesday by the Mumbai Police’s crime branch’s Anti Narcotics Cell for allegedly procuring drugs, according to an official.

According to a police official, Dhruv Tahil was detained by the ANC’s Bandra unit after his WhatsApp chats with a drug peddler surfaced during an inquiry. The ANC had previously arrested Muzammil Abdul Rahman Shaikh, an alleged drug peddler, with 35 grammes of Mephedrone and charged him under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Dhruv had been in contact with Shaikh since 2019. According to the official, Dhruv allegedly contacted him via WhatsApp to procure drugs. He was also accused of making at least six transfers of money to Shaikh’s bank account. Further investigation is being carried out by an ANC team headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Nalawade, according to the official.

Dalip recently shared a photo of his son on Instagram. “My son Dhruv aspiring Actor,” he wrote alongside a photo of him. His colleagues wished him well, including Nafisa Ali, who described him as “handsome.”

He said, “ The film industry represents a microcosm of what’s happening in the world. What’s this big expose that Bollywood does drugs? Trying to understand what’s Kangana’s motivation behind these allegations? She’s a self-made top-grade actor. She succeeded in this film industry despite the challenges that a woman has to face. Kangana is, in fact, the epitome of the opportunities that exist for everyone in the film industry. But now her statements are getting delusional. Once or twice she made her point, but now it seems scripted,”

Dalip had previously responded to mounting criticism of Bollywood’s drug crisis, as well as Kangana Ranaut’s comments on the subject, last year. In response to the uproar that erupted following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he told Hindustan Times, “It’s a malaise that has engulfed our lives. So you can’t just point fingers at Bollywood. What started to get justice for the tragic death of an actor is turning into a circus.”

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