5 binge-worthy series that will make your lockdown a little more bearable


It is quite evident that everyone is building up a new hobby during this pandemic, trying to make it productive somehow. But, one thing apart from scrolling reels on Instagram that unites most of us is Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar. After a gruesomely hectic day at Work From Home, one needs to have a chill session putting their mind at ease. Here are five completely binge-worthy series that will transport you into another world of gratification.

1)         The Bold Type

Streaming on Netflix, the story is of three empowering women working at a woman’s magazine named ‘Scarlet’.  The show highlights their journey as the three muddle through gender identification, severe health issues, and creating an identity at work, all through keeping their friendships and love for each other intact. The show is feminist in its own ways, navigating through life and giving importance to finding yourself amid the crowd. The show is said to be inspired by the life of ‘Cosmopolitan’ editor Joanna Coles.

2)         Bridgerton

Set in the 1813 social season of Regency London, the show courses an anonymous gossip columnist who writes about the corset-tied girls of the town being prepped to be married off for the season. An intense love story that portrays the innocence of the girls living under the cover till the point they are wedded. It also highlights in many prominent ways how the patriarchal society always got its way around with women. The catch of the show is the sparkling chemistry between its leads which will keep your tongue tied till the very end.

3)         Hostages

A Hotstar original, Hotstar is a thriller entertainment that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats for two whole seasons. With Ronit Roy’s impeccable acting as a retired police commando turned into a kidnapper due to personal reasons.(Yes! No spoilers). The show might feel like extending unnecessarily but it brings twists with every episode making it all worth it. It is a laborious watch if you are interested in thriller actions.

4)         Mismatched

Marking Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane’s debut with Netflix, Mismatched is a feel-good show. It is a light-hearted series coursing through the life of an 18-year-old girl, avoiding her parents’ request to marry to focus on her career, and a boy hell-bent on finding his perfect wife. It is engaging to watch these two complete lads falling in love and figuring out teenage issues together.

5)         Money Heist

It would have been a sin to not include this over-the-top, attention-grabbing, and totally binge-worthy series in the list. The best reason to watch the series is the perfectly-made professor! Watch it for yourself and realize that all the hype is worth it. The world is eagerly waiting for the next season, and rightfully so.

Having read all the names, we are sure that you must have made up your mind to stay up the night and finish a season or two of at least one of these. It is our guarantee that you won’t regret it. Happy Binging!


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